Jeezy Explains The Issues With Quality Control

“Got love for Coach K, even though he went with the other guy,” Jeezy rapped on “One Hunnid.” Jeezy new album SnoFall dropped recently on October 21st. explains the issues between him and Quality Control's co-founder Coach K.

Jeezy stopped by Drink Champs and spoke with N.O.R.E on his issues with quality Control in the past. Jeezy emphasized communication is key. He also compared his relationship with Coach like a marriage; where the deal- breakers are not discussed.

Coach K. and Jeezy parted ways in 2007. Jeezy mentioned when money is involved and the communication is off causes blurred lines. Jeezy continued his discussion with N.O.R.E. saying, he still has love for Coach K; and he is happy for his success. He's glad he did what he doing.

Jeezy continued with," people always say Jeezy don't put nobody on. Then pointed out the fact that Coach K. is on and winning big time.

Photo: Getty Images.

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