Monica and Kodak Black...Couple Rumors

Monica and Kodak Black were spotted on a date earlier this week as she sported a blue Birkin bag. Many are assuming the Birkin was a birthday gift from the Sniper Gang leader.

Monica has said the two are not involved in a romantic relationship. On Twitter Monica spoke on the rumors circulating of her and Kodak Black being couple.

“Bill & Shimmy My Heart,” she wrote, referring to Kodak by his real name, Bill Kapri. “They know they can trust me with whatever & never have to doubt me!! Not every relationship is about messing or dating! I hang with their moms because I’m their age! LOL. I’m gonna FOREVER love support & encourage them! They don’t play about me.”

Stepping into a Maybach Monica tweeted, “On a date kinda nervous,” she captioned the post, with a winking emoji. Fans did not have to speculate who Monica was out with, the singer revealed the identity of the mystery man by posting a selfie of her and Kodak.

Photos: Getty Images

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