Joc Is Asking For Help To Get His $1,800 Back

Yung Joc claims he sent $1,800 to the wrong person. Joc was making a digital deposit by Zelle and accidently sent his money to the wrong person. He reached out on instagram asking for help.

Yung Joc claimed he spoke to the individual that allegedly received the $1800 and they are willing to send the money back. In the clip, Joc said, “I actually told them, ‘You gotta bigger blessing.’ If they would’ve returned that money, I would’ve did something even bigger for them.”

Joc took the opportunity to announce on his instagram post, "“ Sometimes you have to trust your gut!!!!!! I have a New Game Show!!!!!! This gonna be BIG!!!!! S/O @vh1 I love yall for believing in me and my wild antics.”

Looks like Joc used great martketing skills to let you know about his new game show.

Photo: Getty Images

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