Lil Baby, Dj Akademiks, and Migos Nothing But Drama

Dj Akademiks mentions D.A. Fani Willis and Lil Baby's name in the same sentence. Akademik has been mentioned on Lil Baby's new album more than once and Dj Akademiks can not stop talking about it. He posted on social media about his mentions by Lil Baby. Not too much was said. Then Akdemiks took a different turn when he spoke on his name being mentioned more than once

“Real talk, that n*ggas said I can get touched. Judge I'm in fear for my life, you know what to do." said Akademiks in a clip shared by The Neighborhood Talk.

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Akademiks brought up the Fulton County District Attorney. Letting fans know Lil Baby is scared of D.A. Fani Willis

“Scared of Fani motherf*ckin’ Willis,” Akademiks added, suggesting that Baby was afraid of the Fulton County D.A. who led the case against Gunna and Young Thug.  He then played a clip of Lil Baby and said, “Fani, this is enough for a search warrant.”

Lil Baby in the same week has been mentioned in rumors with Saweetie. It has been talked about through out social media that Saweetie cheated on Quavo. The Migos and Lil Baby are label mates; which makes the situation crazy.

"I been wanting to comment on that type stuff but when I comment on something it just make it bigger. First of all, I really don't see sh*t on the internet. People send me shit and I want to comment but I feel like that gon' make it even more...But they know I ain't got nothing going on with them."

Quavo mentions that Saweetie slept with a friend while they were dating. Fans were able to hear it on "Messy song on the "Only Built For Infinity Links" album. Though Lil Baby responded to Quavo with a track on "Stand On it" where he raps

" I don't want your b^tch, we can't swap out (Swap out)/They ain't on shit, tell 'em to pop out (Pop out)."

Photo: Getty Images

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