Fans Are Pointing Fingers At Future Over

Fans are screaming that Russell Wilson has under performed and it is all Future's fought. 'I Still Mash On C"; rapper Future dropped on Real Boston Richey's song "Bullseye2".

The Broncos were projected to move forward this season with authority in the success lane since Russell joined the team. It has been everything but a smooth transition. Throw away a new system, a new team or even a new coach as a reason there is not the spark that looked for. The unanimous theory from fans is that Future has knocked Russell off his game.

The song is getting the desired controversial effect as many fans speculate that “C” is Ciara. Future and Ciara were a superstar couple, and now Wilson and Ciara are as well, but their relationship has been in the spotlight of plenty of media outlets because of the dynamic of men that Ciara seems to attract. 

Future is considered by many to be a very toxic person through his music and his actions. So to insinuate that he still is hooking up with the wife of the Denver Broncos quarterback is insane, and while there are no truths to this rumor that we are aware of so far, it has to be insane that this is even being bought up in music. As reported by TheShadowLeague.

There is plenty of time in the season for things to turn around for Russell.

Photo: Getty Images

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