Cam'ron Is All In The DM's #NiaLong

Cam'ron is in full affect on instagram. The New York rapper tried to shoot his shot at actress Nia Long in her DM's. Cam'ron thought he'd give Nia Long some time to herself after news of her relationship with basketball coach Udoka hit the press.

Nia Long is engaged to Boston Celtic's coach Ime Udoka. Udoka has been suspended from the Celtic's. He and a female staff member had a consensual relationship. Which is against the organizations rules. The suspension is for the entire season of 2022-2023.The couple share a child together and have been engaged since 2015. The pair never officially tied the knot.

Nia Long has asked for her privacy during this time. For she is a mother first above all things. Nia has also made public that her "women tribe" always shows up. She appreciates all the love and support during this time.

Dipset rapper reached out to Nia Long by instagram with a message.

“Your perseverance as a strong black woman through this turbulent time has been something to behold.” He added that she didn't deserve to be treated like that by her ex.

Its unclear at this point if Cam'ron will snag a date with Nia Long. If a coffee date should happen the update will be provided here. Keep aiming high Cam.

Photo: Getty Images

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