Third Time Is Not The Charm For Gunna

Fulton County prosecutors have pressed the point, that releasing Gunna will put witnesses lives in danger. Judge Ural Glanville had the responsibility of making the decision to release Gunna on bond or keep him in jail until his January 2023 hearing. As we have been keeping up with this case January 2023 maybe wishful thinking with the back logs of court cases and if nothing should come up pushing the court date back. 155 days since Gunna's arrest in May.

Glanville denied Gunna's bond request for the third time this week. Though he admitted that he his not sure if any of the allegations presented by the prosecutors will be proven or even admitted in trial. Judge Glanville spoke to the outlining factors that have been considered in his judgement:

“The other challenge that our imperfect system hasn’t figured out a way to deal with other than reconsidering the issue of bond and changing circumstances of bond is to acknowledge proof that may or may not come to trial, but the state brings that burden at this point in time,” he explained.

“And it’s not a perfect system in the sense that we won’t know until that point in time whether or not many of these statements that have been preferred by the state will come to pass. But at this point in time, I don’t find any change in circumstances that would allow me or move me to changing my decision as to bond.”

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When the judgement was read the courtroom quickly became full of gaps, movement and mini outburst. Glanville quickly gathered order in the court by asking, Anyone that can not control yourself or want to make any comments to exit the courtroom.

Glanville sternly said, “But if you remain in this court and make any outbursts, I’ll have you arrested,”

Gunna's bond being denied for the third time has caught the attention of many. Kim Kardashian has spoken out on Gunna's behalf. Kim has been an advocate for individuals that have been unjustly railroaded by the justice system. Kim made it clear that she has been in contact with Gunna's legal team prior to the current bond hearing. She will continue her work to assist Gunna and his team.

As Gunna continue to fight for his freedom updates will be provided here.

Photo: Getty Images

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