The Mother of Fivio Foregin's children Has A Message

Fivio Foreign's mother of his children apologizes! She regrets making damaging statements about the rapper which puts his sexuality and him being involved with his children in question. Jasmine, the mother of Fivio's children took to instagram live to express her sentiments on the rapper in an enraged state.

In early September, Jasmine had said in an Instagram Live video that the rapper was abusive towards her and that he had pulled a gun on her. She also claimed that he is a deadbeat father and that he had a PR relationship with fellow rapper Mello Rackez.

“On top of him you know leaving us with no money, I was just aggravated so you know. So he came back from tour like nothing, normal,” she ranted.

“I’m like ‘bro you just left and you didn’t even make sure we were good…like what’s up. How you leave on tour and not leave a dollar…how do you do that, and you know your sister is here,” she laments. “He walk past his kids y’all. He walk past his kids regular, he don’t pay his kids no f**king mind.”

She also claimed that Fivio told her that he was about to use Mellow Rackz to promote his song with Mase, but his label want him to have a family man image.

In another portion of the video, she claimed that Fivio Foreign also attacked her with a gun in the presence of her children; as it has been reported.

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“I wanted to apologize to Fivio Foreign for the things I've said. We are a family I should not have went live and said those things and they were NOT TRUE! I was angry with a lot of things,” the apology read.

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