Nicky Minaj Partners With Call of Duty

Nicky Minaj "Squads Up" for Modern Warfare 2. The release date for the new Call of Duty is coming soon. The Call of Duty trailer is full of celebrity appearances. Previously Snoop Dog was included in the gearing up for release hype. This year the game giant is aiming big for its fans and have features with Lil Baby, Kane Brown, and Pete Davidson along with Nicky Minaj. The new game is due to release on October 28.

2022’s minute-and-a-half-long Call of Duty trailer, titled ‘Squad Up’, isn’t as battle-heavy as previous iterations. 

The trailer shares all the types of players you’ll see in Call of Duty, in real life. From the streets of England to bars and pubs across the world, players come from far and wide to test out Call of Duty games.

With fans loving the Modern Warfare 2 beta, this year’s version of Call of Duty looks to be taking the mantle for the top COD title.

TheGhostoHope, reported Modern Warefare 2 will get a campaign DLC on the near future alongside a map pack containing some of the cherished maps across Call of Duty's history.

The post details the “Campaign DLC to be released in late 2023 bundled with map pack… leaked previously,” according to the renowned CoD insider.-

Photo: Getty Images

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