Young Thug Gives Lil Baby Ultimatum Over "It's Only Me" Album From Jail

"It's Only Me" album release is highly anticipated from Lil Baby's fans and the hip-hop culture. Not only fans are waiting on the album to drop. Young Thug took to Twitter and wrote to Lil Baby his thoughts...

"Wham if you don’t drop in 3 days we ain’t bruddas"

Young Thug as been incarcerated since May. He is facing RICCO charges in his connection to YSL. Many are not aware that Young Thug and Lil Baby have a close relationship. Young Thug has been a big influence on Lil Baby's career. Thug is responsible for getting Lil Baby out the Atlanta streets and motivating him to focus on going to the studio.

Both rappers have reviewed in different interviews how their brotherhood started.

“I was in the neighborhood and he was like, ‘What you doing in the neighborhood?’ I was like, ‘You already know what I’m doing,” Lil Baby told The Breakfast Club. “So he was like, ‘Okay, how much money are you gonna make today?’ I was probably going to make like $7,000, maybe $10,000. He just went, ‘I’ll give you that – just go to the studio.’ Sh@*t went like that.”

The two rappers paths run deep. Each motivating the other at this point striving for hip-hop success as a collective. Lil Baby has been recognized for his humanitarian work as well as charting Billboard 100 with over 5 songs in the Top 10.

Photo: Getty Images

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