T.I. and Charleston White

T.I. and his son King clap back at Charleston White. This week social media has been overloaded with back and forth heated comments between Charleston and T.I. The infamous Youtuber Charleston White is known to go on viral rants. This week Charleston mentions Boosie son, Tootie Raw and T.I. son, King.

"Boosie, your boy don’t know how to fight," Charleston said. "Neither do that T.I. little yellow muthaf@$ka, long-haired freak. That little muthaf@$ka don’t know how to fight either. Ni*@a, y’all babies is rapper ni*$a babies."

He continued: "And that little T.I. little boy. That little yellow sum b*&ch think he playing tough. You going to jail, ni@#a. Dawg, your little boy going to jail just like your daddy. Going to jail just like your daddy went. I’m talkin’ bout that goddamn Lil Boosie boy and that T.I. boy. They ain’t gone be sh@t. Matter of fact, them little boys gon' grow up and be strung out on drugs the way they going.

"Just pull me up to speed on what some grown-a#s muthaf@#kin' man had to say about my muthaf#$kin' son," T.I. told his IG followers. "I know ni&$as who want attention. I know ni#$as who ain't got shit else going on, ain't got no real talent, can't do nothin' but kick up dust and wait on shit to fall down so they can get dirty and some muthaf$%kin' clout get to ’em. I know that's how ni@#as get paid. I understand that you a bottom feeder and a parasite. I understand when that's your business. But, boy, I’ll spare no expense on your ass ’bout mine. Give a f%$k about no police. I’ll do all my time, nigga."

Tip added, "I got family who are willing to risk their lives and freedom to die ’bout me and mine. Don't fucking play with me, man. Don’t fucking play with my muthaf^%kin' child ever, nig&^a." As reported by XXL

Photo: Getty Images

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