Dwayne Johnson Expalains Video...

Dwayne Johnson has went viral! A video has been released of Dwayne receiving a crowd surfing baby. The Rock is on tour to promote his new movie " Black Adam". The video was taken while he was on stage in Mexico.

The Rock responded to the viral video by posting to his instagram comments on how holding the baby on stage made him feel. Dwayne explained that the tour has been electric with his fans. He also mentioned that he noticed the baby's father in the crowd with tears in his eyes.

“People do cry and they hand me things - I was NOT surprised to be handed this beautiful little baby.”

Well, most people would be.

Johnson went on: “Her father caught my attention because he had tears in his eyes when he held her up high and gestured for me to hold her.

“I honestly thought he was holding a toy doll he wanted me to have as a gift.

“This beautiful, serene, present and trusting angel is Luciana.

“One day, I bet she’ll inspire all those around her.

The encounter between Dwayne, baby Luciana and her farther has a special to the Rock's heart as much as it is to the father of the baby.

Photo: Getty Images

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