Kanye Stamps Diddy As The "FEDs"

Kanye West has put his friendship with Diddy on full display on Instagram. Friday morning Instagram followers of the super-star rappers could follow along a text message conversation between the two men. Diddy visited the Breakfast Club earlier this week, where the topic of Kanye's new t-shirts were a topic.

The "White Lives Matter" t-shirt is what started the latest Kanye West controversy. Diddy's comments on the breakfast did not sit well with Yeezy. Diddy said, he would not have agreed with the decision to wear the "White Live Matter" T-shirt , but he will not condemn him either.

Kanye responded to Diddy's comments via a text conversation. Then posted the texts on instagram....

“I didn’t like our convo,” Kanye wrote. “I’m selling these tees Nobody gets in between me and my money This is my grandfather texting you now Never call me with no bullshit like that again unless you ready to green light me Cause anybody who got on that tee is me.”

Kanye has stressed that nobody is stopping him from making his money. His peers can not influence him. Kanye has stated previously that, " the whole Black Live Matter" was a scheme. Kanye kept going with his instgram display with text post addressing Diddy as "the FEDs".

Diddy asked Kanye for the address so they could discuss the matter. Kanye questioned the meet up and doubled down on he can not be moved. Diddy confirmed in text that " it was all love".

Kanye’s last post showed Diddy telling him he was only trying to have a conversation as Black men and because his behavior was hurting the Black community.

“Anything you text I will post I love you And you guys are breaking my heart I accept your apology in advance,” Kanye seemingly ended the conversation.

As Kanye continues to post and delete I'll keep you updated.

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