Kodak Black Calls Out BET & Latto "Frappuccino" After Hip-Hop Awards

Latto won Song of The Year at the BET Hip-Hop Awards this year. Kodak Black is not happy with his loss in the category and calls out Latto for her win and BET. Lotto's "Big Energy" beat Kodak's "Super Gremlin". Kodak feels that it's all a plot against him.

The Pompano rapper called for his fans to boycott BET. He also included Latto in his Twitter rant calling her a "Frappuccino"

“This whole sh*t looked like a damn plot,” he said during an Instagram Live session. “They probably hollerin’ at BET, like don’t give him that sht. I told people weeks ago. Watch they finna play with me and give it to Frappuccino.” - Vibe news

Kodak claims the network is not for the people. He continued with referring to the female rapper as a "mutt". Big Latto handled the frustrated rant from Kodak by asking her followers, " What kind of Frappiccino she look like she taste like? Lotto also posted on instrgram a simple response of he posing in several pics and giving the middle finger.

Congratulations to all the BET award winners.

Photo: Getty Images

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