Ice Cube Reveals Two "Friday" Scripts Were Rejected

Ice Cube wrote "Friday" over 20 years ago. In 1995 the original "Friday" was released to the culture. Ice Cube visited the popular podcast "Drink Champs" and explained to N.O.R.E that a squeal to Next Friday is not that promising.

" I’m trying to get it out of Warner Bros. They don’t believe in the culture, man,”

Warner Bros. owns the rights to the distribution to the rights of the movie "Friday". Ice Cube is ready to give the new generation some of the culture from Friday in away they can connect. Ice Cube mentions to the host that when Warner Bros. rejected his scripts, they then turned around and released a lot of movies/ series about going to jail; like the Orange Is The New Black.

Cube added that Warner Bros. “tripped on it.” He also talked about some of Friday’s prominent performers dying, including John Witherspoon, who played Cube’s father in the films; Lister, who played Deebo; and A.J. Johnson, who played Ezal.- The Hollywood Reporter

Ice Cube hopes to get Warner Bros. to release "Friday" from contract so he can move his franchise forward. When media outlets reached out to Warner Bros. for comments no representative has made a statement as of yet.

Photo: Getty Images

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