Diddy Responds To Ma$e and Defends "White Lives Matter" Kanye West

Diddy has had enough of the rumor mill of him being a self-centered label boss, who steals from his artist. Mase has mentioned on multiple platforms that Diddy owes him $3 million.

On The Breakfast Club Diddy covered the of Ma$e. He stated that he is fighting for his reputation. Diddy explained that he does not owe Ma$e money. Diddy says Ma$e abandoned the label -- only to become a "fake" pastor who ran to Atlanta to scam people following the success of his debut album.

Diddy says he's been scapegoated all these years for his ex-artists' failed careers, and people like Ma$e tend to push something he calls a "tap-out button" ,a convenient exit when the going gets tough.

Diddy also spoke on Kanye West with "White Lives Matter" fashions. Kanye had a surprise fashion show in Paris this week. He announced, " We starting our own house tonight". Kanye's t-shirts caused more controversy for the mogul.

Diddy congratulated Ye on being a "free thinker", he also mentioned he would not condemn Kanye. He did add that the t-shirts, " were unnecessary noise." and "tone deaf". "Black Lives Matter more than ever at this time" Diddy stated. noise"

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