Cardi B. Pulls Up On The Opps

Cardi B. pulls up to her opps blocks. She pulled up in the Bronx. The beef is with Malibu Barbie; who was featured on Nicky Minaj's "Queen Mix". It's no secret that Cardi B. and Niki Minaj are not the best of friends.

After Cardi B. left the Bronx's HighBridge, Maliibu pulled up as if she wanted Cardi to return. Maliibu Miitch is another female rapper that was featured on Nicky Minaj's "Super Freaky Girl, Queen Mix".

Miitch has been added to Cardi's naughty list after she responded to a fans comments on twitter. A fan suggested Cardi B. was targeting all the artist featured on Nicky's " Super Freaky Firl Queen Mix. The comment also told Miitch to "saddle up".

“Lol not saddle up,” Miitch replied. “Imagine me being the retired gangsta I am saying ‘oh no someone talked about me now I have to go lay down a hot 16 or oh no I was mentioned today let me go tweet my responses’ lmfaoo nah n-gga now one of us gotta die…ya know I’m from the bronx right?”

Cardi replied by retweeting a fan’s response to Mittch’s comments which read, “Lmfaoo….but Cardi the messy one.”

Maliibu Miitch then tagged Cardi B directly on Twitter, writing, “wassup? I’m not none of these b*$es we kan link off the internet.”

This Twiter battle follows Cardi B. just recently squashing her beef with Miami rapper JT.

Photo:Getty Images

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