Life Jennings Reveals Jeffrey Dahmer Asked Him To Sing " Pretty Brown Eyes"

Grammy- winning R&B sing Lyfe Jennings share an experience he had encountered with the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. The two me were locked up together at one point in an Ohio jail in the 1990's

In an Instagram video, Jennings said he was cleaning the prison floors one day when Dahmer asked him to sing.

“I was a porter. In case you don’t know, a porter is a cat who cleans the railings, the floor, mops, and sweeps,” Jennings said. “While I be sweeping up, I be singing. One particular day I walked past … and Jeffrey said ‘Hey, hey, hey, is that you down there singing?”

Dahmer then confessed to loving R&B and made a song request, according to Jennings.- Yohoo news

“You would never guess what song he asked me did I know: Mint Condition’s “Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes).” And I sang that record,” the R&B artist said. “He beat it on the door and all this stuff.”

Life Jennings post received mixed responses in the comments. Some calling it creepy. Others just confused on why Jennings felt the need to share. In other words "clout chasing".

Photo: Getty Images

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