Kodak Apologizes To PnB Rock's Girlfriend

Regarding the death of PnB Rock's murder; Kodak Black issued an sincere apology to Rock's girlfriend. PnB Rock was murdered while dinning in at Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles in September. Rock was having lunch with his girlfriend, who is also the mother of his child. She posted a picture to her instagram of her lunch plate. When the news of the incident first broke many on the internet jumped to blame Sibounheuang for her post. Kodak was also include in those people.

Being the stand-up humanitarian that he is, Kodak issued an apology Monday to PnB Rock's girlfriend for blaming her for her post potentially letting the enemies know their location.

Kodak explained, at the time when the information was coming out from the news and social media it seemed like fishy behavior from the girlfriend. He blamed waking up in shock, finding out the terrible news. Kodak said at the time when it was sounding bad it was, " kill yourself"...

“At that moment, it was sounding like she did some bullsh*t, so s**t, you know, kill yourself. Other than that, I don’t wish no bad on her. I give my apologies to her,” he said following news that Sibounheuang’s actions did not factor into Rock’s death.

“I hope she keep her head up and all that,” he added. The “No Flockin” rapper also shared his version of a tribute to PnB Rock on Instagram.

A family of three have been charged with the murder of PnB Rock. It has been stated by the Los Angeles Police Department that the suspects were at the restaurant waiting on Rock.

Prayers up for PnB Rock's family.

Photo: Getty Images

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