Eryka Badu Praises Kanye West

Eryka Badu and Kanye West were pictured at London's Fashion Week together in support of a mutual friend. While the two attended some of the same events.

Following the siting of them at London's Fashion Week Eryka took to instagram writing a heartfelt message in support of Kanye West. This is not the first time she has take up for Kanye West.

Let me tell you about my friend Ye,” she wrote. “No one is more beautiful and kind and creative. Was there at his mama home going.” She continued praising Kanye...“IN ESSENCE. We all want the same thing .. to be loved and to work with pride. Thanks for fighting for us and for your self most of all I get it. @kanyewest and thanks for the secret show at Burberry after party. I was there.”

It is no secrete Kanye recently ended his partnership with Gap. He publicly accused them of holding meetings without him and stealing his creative ideas. As I have been keeping up with the details reported previously Kanye West has stated, " He is not going back and forth with people he has more money than" The business savvy mogul posted all of the executives that he claimed were holding meetings behind his back on instagram. Kanye has received mixed feedback on the way he has handled the situation with "big corporate America".

Kanye is on a mission to fight for what is right for creatives and entrepreneurs. More details will be provided as released on Kanye's partnership with GAP and Adidas.

Photo: Getty Images

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