It Was All A Lie On Bobby Shmurder

The man that claimed to have been in bed with Bobby Shmurda has admitted it was all a lie. Which had some questioning Bobby Shmurda's sexuality. Xavier Raza, who goes by @afflictionx on Instagram, shared a statement to his page on Monday September 19, revealing he never meant for the “harmless joke” to go so far.

“I owe everybody an explanation but most importantly I owe an apology to Bobby Shmurda and his fans, I’m sorry for everything that’s going on and confusion I have caused anyone this past weekend. That was NOT me in the video. What was meant to be a harmless joke, shook the internet. I never thought my post would go viral and it was never my intention to mislead anyone.” Xavier wrote.

In the video Xavier posted it was two men and one of the individuals resembled Bobby. Xavier had uploaded the video to his facebook page.

Bobby Shmurda responded after catching wind of the viral video by simply posting:

 “When the hate doesn’t work, they start telling lies. That’s why y’all still broke after all these years.

“You spend your time on bullshit and cap to make y’all feel better. [Crying laughing emoji] Tap into reality. [Kissy face emoji] Go get you some Shmoney #viralpost.”

Photo: Getty Images

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