Future Sold His Publishing Catalog In An Eight-Figure Deal

Celebrating black excellence with Future. Future has sold 612 songs in a high eight-figure deal with Influence Media. Future's catalog between 2004 and 2020 will live on. Of the 612 songs rights were sold to, 'Life Is Good" and "Jumpen" with Drake, "Selfish" with Rihanna and "Mask Off" to name a few.

“I put everything into my music, and I wanted to make sure these were in good hands as I thought about the next chapter of these songs,” Future said in a statement. “I’m proud to partner up with Rene and the team at Influence Media and send a signal that this music has timeless value. My music is my art, and these songs represent some of the most precious artwork of my career.”

As reported by HipHopDX; Rene McLean, Influence Media partner and founding advisor, added in her own statement: “Future is a cultural icon. He continues to be a blueprint for impact and success in the music industry and has reinvented music in ways that no one has ever expected.

“It is rare to find someone who moves music and culture at the same speed with his distinct vocal and melodic style. His prolific career and continued popularity more than 15 years into the game is a testament to his undeniable influence on the contemporary music and culture landscape. We’re honored to be partnered with him.”

Future is consider to be a pioneer in modern trap music. His career begin with him signing to A1 Records and Epic Record in 2011. Dropping his first studio album "Pluto" in 2012 and then "Honest" in 2014. Prior to 2014 Future released a lot of mixtapes like, 1000 and Dirty Money.

Future is famous for using auto-tunes as an artistic tool. The Super-star rapper mentioned before he like auto-tune because is makes his voice sounds a little more gritter. In today's music the new rappers are following Future's lead with auto-tunes. T-Pain is also know for using auto-tunes in his songs, for singing purposes.

Future as released over eight albums and has performed world tours. This is a big adding to his accomplished music career. Hats off to Future for closing the deal!

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Video: Youtube Ptv

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