Tee Grizzley Speaks Out After $1M Home Robbery

“I appreciate everyone reaching out and checking on me and s@*t,” he began. “I’m good and my family good, thank God! I just need y’all to do one thing for me though, man, send a prayer up for PnB Rock and his kids, King Von and his kids, and all the kids that gotta grow out here without their pops. And I had to grow up without my pops because he was killed and that s@*t ain’t easy at all.”

Tee Grizzley's L.A. home was broken into. Tee spoke up and stated, “We gotta watch what we speaking into existence, man,” he continued. “I know we looking at it like it’s art, but these words is powerful, bro. Just like we could speak some good shit into existence, we can speak some bad shit into existence, so we gotta be real careful about what we saying when we make this music. Speak in third-person and create some characters.”

Tee Grizzley also encouraged his rap friends to be more careful in the energy they are putting in there music.

Photo: Getty Images

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