City Girls; What's Next?

City Girls have been making waves in the rap business since they stepped foot in the game. The group started in 2017 with big names backing them. The duo did there first guest appearance on Drake's single, " In My Feelings" in 2018. The ladies signed to Quality Control Music and released mixtape "Period" in 2018. The duo also released albums " Girl Code", "City On Lock" and singles "Twerk", "Act Up".

This weekend in an hour long instagram live with the Queen of Rap; Nicki Minaj, JT spit her diss record. Back in the early days JT wrote a rap dissing Nicki Minaj. On the friendly live between the two you can hear Nicki telling, "JT to keep going." "Finish." JT finished her short diss track with a laugh. The two later took to social media explaining it was no beef and much love for each other. JT, stated that Nicki has done a lot to support her behind the scenes already; no need to defend her from backlash comments.

On the other hand all in one weekend Yung Miami responds to fans with her quick twitter fingers letting social media know what time it is in Yung Miami's world. Yung Miami was asked what she knew about football after she commented on the Atlanta Falcons in a tweet. The Falcons were playing L.A. Rams on Sunday. Another person person on twitter came back with a challenge to Yung Miami. Challenging the South Florida rapper to make better music.

Yung Miami responded with, " B*@ch I don't even rap no more! Eat this P*$$Y H@# I retired!"

What do you think is next for the City Girls? Post your comments on my IG @DJbulletproof.

Photo: Getty Images

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