Celebrating Black Excellence; "The Woman King" Earns $19M

More than 1.4 million people went to the movies over the weekend to check out "The Woman King" . In the first weekend "The Woman King" surprises the Hollywood by earning $19M in the first few days the movie was released. Sony predicted the movie to earn $12m.

This action packed film stars Viola Davis. With Davis doing interviews prior to the movie release explaining the 4-5 hr. combat training her and the other cast members endured to prepare for the film showed the level of dedication the film demanded. The hard work paid off in record numbers. In the film Viola trains all female warriors. The movie is based in the 1820's in The Kingdon of Dahomey Africa.

As reported by CNBC; More than 1.4 million people saw the film during its first three days in theaters, according to data from EntTelligence, with 33% opting for premium format tickets. Those tickets sold for an average of $4.50 above traditional ticket prices.

Overall ticket sales were driven predominantly by older female viewers, a demographic that has been slower to return to cinemas coming out of the Covid pandemic. Some 58% of ticket holders were women and 71% were over the age of 25, according to data provided by Sony.

Additionally, Black audiences accounted for 56% of all opening weekend ticket sales in the U.S. and Canada.

" The Woman King" is a great example of the resilience in the culture and the power of great collaborations.

Photo: Getty Images

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