Rick Ross Responds To Turk's "Drink Champs Comments" Comments

Turk's interview on "Drink Champs" still have many reacting to his comments. "Drink Champs" is known for having guest join host N.O.R.E at the table as he great with getting the celebrities' to open up with interesting stories.

Turk did not hold back in his interview as he discussed catching STD's with Lil Wayne, and having sex in prison. The internet went crazy after Turk's comments looking for clarity on a few statements. Turk also mentioned Rick Ross's name during the interview catching a few ears.

"Rick Ross ain't reach out to me since I've been home. I've been home since 2012 and I'm in Atlanta, n***a," he said, revealing that he goes fishing down the block from the Promised Land. He said that he's reached out on numerous occasions but never got a response from Ross.

"Rozay" did not bite his tongue with his infamous instagram video post response.

"Your brother is the one who said you was a punk, personally. I spoke on your hustle and the work you put in, brother. That's what I mention your name for, brother. Not letting the streets forget your name," he said. "Now, you been out 10 years, you want to see Rozay, n***a. You could come to the motherf*$kin'-- say you fish behind the Promised Land. Pull up there, n***a. I'll tell 'em to let you in so you could some look at Rozay in the eyes, baby... In 10 years, you shuold've pulled up to one of the venues, baby. Come holla at Rozay." Ross also mentioned he only stated Turk's name in defense of Dj Kahled.

Rick Ross is on top of his marketing. He did not miss an opportunity to mention his Wing Stop chain. Ross promoted his new chicken sandwich that is available in 12 different flavors. He advised Turk on how to live life and to enjoy that he kept Turk's name relevant.


"Let me tell y'all something. Y'all better get to the money out here. Go buy some real estate and live, n***a. Go buy some real estate and go let your wife take pictures with her legs crossed, playing Monopoly," he continued. "Go buy that bitch a dozen WingStop sandwiches. Get a dozen. Every different flavor and tell her, 'Stick your fries in that ranch, bae.'... I hope you hear me 'cause your hoe deserve them different flavors, the options in life," he concluded.

Ross cleared the air on his feedback to Turks comments and has invited him the The Promised Land. What are your thoughts?

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Video: Youtube Revolt

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