Outdated Or Not; Things You Can Only Remember When...

What is it from your childhood that you don't see any more? With the world always evolving and new technology being developed faster than productions companies are able to keep up there are a few things kids of today will never use and is a distant memory for most.

The rotary phone is at the top of the list of childhood necessities before the 2000's that just do not make any since in 2022. Land line phones are a thing of the past for the most part. The long curly phone cord that stretches across rooms have become extinct.

Beeps, pagers, caller id, or how about no cell phones at all; do you remember those days. Millennials can not wrap there heads around the fact that the only way to know you've missed a call is by checking the answering machine. Do you know all the letters on the phone number dial matching the number? Well many kids back in the early 90's could pass an exam on numbers and letters on the phone. It was key information to know because that was also the system used for sending pager messages.

Television actually turning off at night, writing in cursive handwriting in school, and pretty much no digital anything for social use was the way of life.

What are somethings from the past that are only memories and the kids of today will never know about it unless their told?

Photo: Getty Images

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