Sauce Walka Responds To Being Accused of Lying...

Sauce Walka was involved in an attempted robbery of his personal possessions. In the attempted robbery Sauce Walka was able to fight off the suspect. The suspect then continued his crime spree of theft. Unfortunately the next victim lost his life in the robbery attempt.

The video of the second robbery victim has went viral. In downtown Los Angeles you can see the man lying dead on the ground. Sauce Walka posted a video explaining that he did not shoot at the man that attempted to rob him of his jewelry. Also providing clarity that the man on the ground dead is a victim not the robber.

Sauce stated: The only difference, according to the Houston rapper, was he was able to successfully fight off his attacker and run away. Sauce added that he did suffer a black eye and few scratches during his confrontation. However, he said the victim—identified by the rapper as Trevell Watson—fought the same gunman over his belongings but he lost his life.

"We PUTTIN HONOR BACK ON THIS FALLEN KING [man wearing a king’s crown emoji] #Tre’ a fellow soldier who like me fought for his life and belongings that day!!!" he wrote in the caption of the video. "And stopping the REAL CLOUT CHASERS!! Young men around the world learn from this & again LIVE BETTER[!!] #RIPTrevellWatson the family is more then welcome to reach out to me if y’all need any help[!!] #TSFBidnezz[.]" As reported in XXL.

Sauce Walka also pleaded with his followers and fans to do the right thing. Go and and get for yourself.

Photo: Getty Images

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