YNW Melly Denied Emergency Jail Pass

YNW Melly is still being held in Broward County Jail. Melly's death sentence has been changed to a possible life sentencing. In current his current situation an abscessed tooth is causing much pain. YNW Melly has a diamond incrusted grill that is giving more than glitter and riches at the moment.

Grills have to be maintained with regular dental hygiene care and dental visits. Its common for the teeth under the grills to become infected. In YNW Melly's case that is exactly what happened. Melly claims that he was not given a tooth brush, nor dental floss. Not being able to perform his regular dental care Melly has developed an developed a serious toothache as reported in TMZ.

The judge did not accept YNW Melly's legal team's plea for emergency release request for dental care. The judge denied the request. Though Melly's legal team explained the severity of the dental care need; along with the financial cost of transportation, security and all cost would be taken care of.

Photo: Getty Images

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