Netflix Is Moving Away From Binge Releases To Weekly

"Netflix and chill" has been a theme line since the streaming platform led the way in changing how many of us what our favorite series. Netflix has the binge modal to releasing content on lock. The streaming wars have begin with other platforms stepping up their game and there being so much more content out, Netflix is moving forward with weekly release concept.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings "has seemed unwilling to pivot off the binge model because he hasn’t needed or wanted to. Now, it appears, he does."- reported by Screenrant.

With Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Prime, along with a few more streaming networks have stepped up their original programming. With weekly releases you want have to wait as long to see next episodes. This also allows Netflix to be able to maximize opportunities better when it comes to "word of mouth" free advertisement and growing viewership quicker. The weekly release modal also allows for fans to engage with the show as the series moves forward.

Netflix is also aligned to lower prices for service in 2023 and will be a little more streamline when canceling shows.

Photos: Getty Images

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