Who Is Suing LeBron James and Drake For $10 million?

Black Ice is a black hockey Canadian league. Billy Hunter is claiming that the rights to the "Black Ice" story belongs to him. Billy Hunter is the former head of the NBA player association. Billy is claiming he has exclusive rights to any story being produced on the Canadian black sports league.

One of the authors of the 'Black Ice' book named in the lawsuit, Darril Fosty, tells TMZ ;he and his brother believe the suit is unwarranted and frivolous and they will officially respond through their legal team. As reported by TMZ.

Hunter claims that Lebron and Drake purposely went behind his back to stike a deal with the authors of the "Black Ice" book. Hunter claims he paid $250 plus thousand to Darril Fosty and George to produce the movie to "Black Ice": The brothers George and Darril commented that a documentary and a movie are two different things, but Hunter is not haring none of it.

Hunter wants his cut of the profits from the produced documentary of Lebron James and Drake. He is also looking for $10 million is damages from the two.

Photo: Getty Images

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