"Historian" Fat Joe Catching All The Heat For His Hip-Hop Culture Recap

Fat Joe the founder of Terror Squad took to social media earlier this week thanking Latino Hip Hop pioneers for their contribution to the Hip Hop Culture. The next day on twitter Fat Joe posted a video explaining his post on the culture of Hip Hop.

"I tell you I never really f*@k with Twitter, but I go on there to see they always hating on me and sh*@t. Lately, they've been talking about, Latinos wasn't in rap. These guys are f@$king delusional. We're from the Bronx, New York. Sh*t happens. This is where Hip Hop started. It's Blacks and Latinos, half and half.

Let's take it back for a second. Hip Hop is defined as a cultural movement. It's comprised of four main elements; MCing, DJing, graffiti, and breakdancing. Fat Joe aka Joey Crack aka, just in case you forgot in the graffiti world is known as Crack TS. Fat Joe has been repping Terror Squad sine his beginning days doing graffiti art.

There has been many names associated with the timeline of Hip Hop from both Black's and Latino's. Some of the early break dancers like Trixie, A-1 B.Boy Sasa, Dj Kool Herc and groups like Steady Rock Crew. Hip Hop took off in the 80's and 90's. Encyclopedias give credit to the Black, Latino and Caribbean cultures for cultivating Hip Hop.

The facts provided on the background of Hip Hop could be used to write and publish a dissertation paper. What are your thoughts on the research you were able to find? Weigh in on the backlash comments @djbulletproof. I want to hear from you.

Photo: Getty Images

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