Jay-Z's Verse On "God Did" Has Fans Going Crazy

Dj Khaled has released his 13th studio album. The star studded album has many features and one appearance on the album has hip-hop and rap fans cheering! Jay-Z's verse on "God Did" is a classic. Khaled has labeled it if the category existed; the greatest hits of Jay-Z verses.

Khaled reached out to Hov when the album was 90% complete. In his heart he knew Jay-Z was needed on the album and the specific track he knew Jay-Z would spit fire bars true "Jay-Z" style. He just needed to ask Hov to jump on. Khaled knew all he had to do was have Jay listen to the music and Jay would do the collaboration. In the mist of both artist busy schedules, Dj Khaled flew to New York for Jay-Z to hear the record. Just as Dj Khaled thought once Hov heard the record he started rapping to the music immediately.

"I can't make this up, there were a lot of people in the room that day. Ask'em all. I played him my whole album and after I played him my album, he pulled me to the side and said it's my best album. And I saw the smile on his face that was so genuine and he was happy for me." Khaled shared.

Jay-Z helped Khaled the album cover artwork. Jay asked Khaled to send him four songs a follow up to there hours long meeting. I let him pick my cover, the whole shit. When I was leaving, Hov said. "Send me this, send me that." Which were four songs from the album. "I'm not making this shit up."

Dj Khaled sent the four songs and all requested follow up needs from Hov with no hesitation. The pair worked through the collaboration and magic was created. Now the world is playing the new song praising Jay-Z again as the goat!

Photo: Getty Images

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