What is Your Take On Offset's New Solo Album And Pending Lawsuit?

Offset is ready to release his new solo album. The Atlanta rapper has teased fans since early this month with listing collaboration features. The list of features include heavy hitters in the industry such as Baby Keem, Money Bag Yo, and Kodak Black. Offset has also shared this week on twitter him in Mexico finishing the album while on the golf course. This will make Set's second solo album. Fans are anticipating the collaboration with Money Bag Yo to be released on Friday.

Single "54321" has made waves already. So much that Offset took to social media writing about the newest drama between him and record label Quality Control. The album was released last week. Offset is suing his ex-label for trying to claim ownership of his new solo project.

Pee and Cardi B. have stepped in and posted responses on the situation. P called the lawsuit filing, " lame" and also reminded the Set and the public that the first suit was public and settled privately. Lets see how this goes." Cardi B. is not playing the radio about her hubby Offset. She wrote that, " Offset bought himself out of QC deal after they didn't want to renegotiate his contract...I'm tired of people trying to make Set look like the bad guy....Enough is Enough."

What are your thoughts on the rift between Offset, and QC? Don't hesitate to give your feedback on the iHeart Radio Talk back feature. Download the app and hit 1035ThBeat. Then hit the microphone and talk back. It's as easy as 1,2,3!

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