Kodak The Ambassador; Sending Out Support...

Florida rapper of Haitian decent Kodak Black is giving back to the Caribbean island. Kodak is shipping over hundreds of thousands of water bottles to Haiti. The country is under heavy gang violence. Since June there has been gangs controlling Port-au-Prince. Gangs have kidnapped locals and are currently in control of The Palace of Justice.

There has been no lawful authorities since the gangs have taken control of Port-au-Prince. Political leaders nor police have been allowed into neighborhoods. There has been multiple gangs fighting each other to possess the control of the take over of The Palace of Justice. Reported by Human Rights Watch there has been over 200 deaths, bodies burned, loved ones missing and residences burned down. The police are blocked from aid making the justice department unable to operate effectively.

The people of Haiti are in a serve crisis at this time and Kodak Black is using his voice to help. Along with the thousands of water bottles Kodak is shipping out he is also putting out a call to action. Kodak is calling for peace; a cease fire.

Resilient humanitarian work my brother! Updates on Haiti's current crisis will be provided.

Photo: Getty Images

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