Young Thug Is Being Sued For $6M By AEG

While Young Thug is incarcerated on RICO case awaiting trial he is being sued by AEG. The concert promoter is suing Young Thug for $6 million. AEG claims Young Thug signed an agreement with them granting them exclusive rights to all of Young Thug's concerts and he received a $5M advance; which AEG wants returned.

AEG Lawyer's filed that YSL and Young Thug booked and performed concerts on the side without including AEG. Young Thug received large payments for his side concerts and kept all the proceeds. This is a breach of contract according to AEG. AEG is seeking to own the trademark "Young Thug", his catalog, to have control of the brand " Young Stoner Life Brands".

The lawsuit was originally set to begin in October 2022. With Young Thugs pending RICO case an extension has been granted. The lawsuit will begin trial in 2023.

Photo: Getty Images

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