Ti and Chainsmokers Member Respond To Their Crazy 1st Punch

One of the Chainsmokers member got caught up in the vibe when meeting T.I. for the first time. Member Andrew " Drew" Taggrat post in a TikTok video that he gave rapper T.I. a kiss on the cheek. He shared that T.I. punched him in the face and told him not to do that. Drew was living in the moment of the event and hyped up that he himself was caught off guard by his own actions.

Drew realized he kissed T.I.'s cheek quickly because it followed with T.I. punching him in the face. Drew expressed he quickly apologized to T.I. Drew says, " It was totally my fault. T.I. pushed him off and simply replied after hitting Drew; with , "Don't do that." Drew replied, "ok; my bad." Drew mentioned it was the weirdest encounter yet for him.

T.I. also took to his instagram following Andrew's post by making it clear that he loves the Chainsmokers.

Photo: Getty Images

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