Women Says She Was Offered $200K To Lie For Trey Songz...

There was a lawsuit filed against Trey Songz for $20 million pertaining to sexual assault. A witness has reported that the lawyer responsible for filing the lawsuit, Ariel Mitchell out of Florida is the person that attempted to bribe her.

Ariel Mitchell's motivation to pursue the witness is to force a $1 million dollar settlement in sexual assault case against Trey Songz. Trey's lawyers filed a motion in a Miami court accusing Ariel Mitchell, of professional impropriety in that she offered a woman money to act as a witness in the case and lie in support of the alleged victim. Mitchell is the lawyer of the women from the 2017 New Year's Eve party in Miami who is suing Trey for sexual assault; Jauhara Jeffries.

Mitchell approached Mariah Thelien, who is the female listed in court documents as an eye witness to Trey Songz sexually assault Jauhara Jefferies. Thelien explained that she was asked to go in detail of the incident and the reference Trey Songz as the next " R. Kelly". Thelien rejected Ariel Mitchell's offer.

Mitchell was the attorney who reportedly represented a client who claimed that Chris Brown sexually assaulted her earlier as well. The lawsuit was later dropped after the Chris Brown shared text messages that sex between both parties was consensual.

Photo: Getty Images

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