Witnesses In Young Thugs Case Threaten

This week in Fulton County Superior Courts the judge ordered that the witnesses testifying In Young Thugs Rico case must be withheld from defendants. The legal team for Young Thug can not revel witness information to their clients.

It has been reported in the New York Times that, prosecutors said they have learned of numerous threats against witnesses, who have said “that they fear not only for their own lives, but for their families’ lives should they testify,” according to a motion filed this week. Young Thugs legal team has denied that there has been any attempt to intimidate witnesses.

Previously reported Young Thug is allegedly the leader of Y.S.L gang; which is the subset of the Bloods street gang. Y.S.L standing for Young Slime Life. Young Thugs affiliation to the gang is the reason why prosecutors are taking the extra step to protect witnesses.

Photos: Getty Images

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