Instagram Model Charged With Murder...

Courtney Clenney has been arrested for the stabbing of her boyfriend. Christian Obumseli was killed in April in his luxury Miami apartment he shared with his girlfriend. Courtney has been charged with second degree murder.

In April when police arrived at the bloody scene; police stated the couple were involved in a domestic dispute. Courtney being a white female and Christian being a black male the family of Christian is saying the police did not use the "usual' investigation practices when handling Courtney. Courntey was arrest at the time and sent to a mental hospital for less two days. Soon after there were instagram post of Courtney being seen out at a hotel bar.

Courtney was arrested in Hawaii and is in Miami-Dade County jail awaiting next steps in the justice system. Additional elevator footage of the couple has circulated. The video shows Courtney being aggressive punching Christian. Christian remained calm in the video blocking Courtney's punches.

Updates will be posted.

Photo: Getty Images

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