VG Vodka Pool Party Summer Launch With DJ Bulletproof...

VG Vodka Pool Party Launch and The Beat had Saturday turned all the way up on the rooftop! Victor George Vodka is a black owned company established in South Florida. Promising no hangovers, no headaches, no burn out many of the guest put it to the test on Saturday. The event was brought to you by Demesmin & Dover Law Firm, your accident attorney's; as they were on point with fans and face towels to try and help keep everyone cool.

The Easton Roof Top Pool in Ft. Lauderdale provided a sophisticated summer pool atmosphere. The pool and lounge areas are sleek and the staff was very inviting. The drinks were very refreshing an gave a tropical vibe. The VG Vodka and Gape fruit Soda seemed to be a favorite mix of many guest of the smoothed vodka. Along with Simply lemonade, but it looks like the gluten-free, silky tasting vodka pairs great with whatever the heart desires. As the bottle service was busy the music provided the perfect backdrop.

Dj Bulletproof wasted no time providing the ultimate summer pool party soundtrack with his infectious ability to make the crowd move. The energy was high with dancing, smiles, pictures, and even visiting KAPA'S showing off a few strolls. With beautiful guest from all over, skin glowing, hair blowing much for the eye to see and a heavy local presence all the Dj's were estactic with the " mood "of the party! Dj KaiDot, and Dj Slick Rick on the mic and 1's and 2's along with all the special guest made the VG Vodka Summer Pool Party a success.

Photo: 1035 TheBeat Team

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