Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Split

It's been nine months since Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson started dating. With two very busy schedules they were able to maintain a short lived relationship. Long distance relationships and busy schedules could make it difficult to get all the cuddle time in.

One can't help but to wonder for the "real reasons" the couple broke up. The announcement of the breakup followed the heels of Kim Kardashian post pictures with here and Kanye West daughter in Mr. West fashion. Did Kanye lay down the law or was this a genuine girlfriend and boyfriend breakup. Kanye did release a video he created of an person being kidnapped resembling Pete Davidson. Pete upped his security following Kanye's video.

The pair have confirmed that they have remained friends after the split. No bad feelings on either side, a representative close to the couple reported by ENews.

Photo: Getty Images

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