Congratulations N.O.R.E; First Time Having A Driver's License

It's never too late to do anything! New York native; N.O.R.E posted yesterday morning on Twitter that he was going to go take his driver's license test. N.O.R.E stated, "He's had 35 cars in my life but never had a license." The 42 year old was so excited about passing the exam he followed up with a video expressing his new found freedom. On instagram in his video he captioned it with a joke about no highway is safe while smiling from ear to ear.

He's had the privilege of procrastinating on getting his driver's license because of the life style he lived along with many New Yorkers do not have their license because public transportation is very big in the city. Plus with the population and business of the world its not to easy maneuvering around New York streets. Not to mention parking is a nightmare. On the other hand N.O.R.E has lived in Miami, FL for some years now. Miami is a city where you need to have your own transportation.

Congratulations N.O.R.E

Photo: Getty Images

Video: Theshaderoom Instagram

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