Is Cardi B. Spillig Tea To The Blogs?

Cardi B. and Nicki Minaj names are tied together again in the messy sauce. Cardi B. was not for the pettiness and responded to the latest drama between her and Nicki Manaj. Cardi explained where her energy is at with situations such as this.

Nicki earlier this week was faced with a instgram page airing her business and accounting information to the public. The created page that is supposed to be Nicki's ex-assistant wrote allegedly Nicki owed millions to the IRS and fell out with some of her biggest collaborators. The post was not shy of listing names such as; Beyonce, Airana Grande, and Normani, Reported Hnhh hotnewhiphop.

Cardi B. responds taking up for Nicki Minaj by saying its a troll. She doesn't think its Nicki's ex-assistant actually running the instagram account and that she doesn't believe the post. Cardi went on to say it's " damn if you do, damn if you don't." Cardi B. explained how if she says something or not she will get negatively spoken on about Nicki Manaj. She's just telling the truth and don't like to lie on people; shunning this type of behavior.

Photo: Getty Images

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