Beyonce Changes The Lyrics On New Album

Beyonce's new album Renaissance dropped last Friday. The highly anticipated album has the Beyhive cheering for joy. There are a few people that are not so happy with the Queen and waisted no time calling out Beyonce. On Beyonce's single "Heat" . A representative for Beyonce's team confirmed the lyric in her song where she uses the word " sp-z," will be changed. Beyonce was not intentionally using the word in a negative phrase. The backlash from disability activist, exl

"Sp-z", is said to have come from breaking sown the word spasms; referring to individuals with muscles spasms. The inability to control movement. Lizzo not too long ago changed lyrics in her new song, "GRRRLS " for the same reason.

The Queen Beyonce did not waist anytime to correct the oversite in her lyrics.

Photo: Getty Images

Video: Youtube Access

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