The 6th Of Central Park Five Jogger Case Exonerated

Steven Lopez the sixth person that was convicted in the 1989 jogger Central Park Five Case was finally exonerated. Steven Lopez plead guilty to a lesser charge when he was 14 years old. Steven pleaded his case out after two of the other kids at the time were found guilty. The Central Park Five were all between the ages of 14 -16 years old when the crime took place in the park. All of them made false statements out of fear or the lack of life experiences since they were young teenagers at the time.

There was no physical evidence connecting Lopez to the crime. The techniques used by investigating officers were against policy and usual practices when interrogating minors. This lead to lawyer, Eric Renfroe and team achieving the exoneration of Steven Lopez. Steven has not made any public remarks as of yet. Eric Renfroe reported that this is a very emotional time for his client.

A long time coming...welcome home Steven Lopez.

Photo: Getty Images

Video: NBCNewYork Youtube

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