Kodak Black's Big Win This Week In Court

Kodak Black's lawyers were hard at work this week. Kodak responded to the Ft. Lauderdale traffic pull over by post. He stated, that he feels like he is being harassed by police because who he is. As reported previously Kodak was arrested and charged with being possession of a control substance. Which was 30 oxycodone pills. The judge released Kodak o bond; that he paid and a few other stipulations with his release.

There seems to be there was a little gray area the probation office thought he could enforce the judges orders at his own discretion. The confusion came in the probation officer issued Kodak a monitoring device to wear. The judge did not check that box yes on paperwork. What was checked was the box for location GPS monitoring and could be enforced at the officers discretion. The officer had Kodak pay for the monitor to be place on his ankle.

This week the Judge issuing the order corrected the probations officer's mistake.

Photo: Getty Images

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