"Chris Brown's Wife & God's Prophet" Lady Claims After being Shot &Arrested

A women by the name of Portia Odufuwa shot up Dallas airport earlier this week on Monday. Police shot and arrested Odufuwa in the Dallas Love Field Airport. At the time of arrest she claimed to be Chris Brown's wife and provided the police with his address. She also stated she was " God's Prophet" reported by police officers. She was arrested and released due to her mental issues and the judge finding her incompetent to stand trial.

Portia Odufuwa has a record of mental illness where she has committed other serious crimes such as; arson and bank robbery. There is footage of Odufuwa entering the airport restroom where she changes clothes reported police officers. Portia Odufuwa was the only person injured.

Chris responded by a post stating "mental health is so important."

Photo: Getty Images

Video Post: Akademiks

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