Keke Palmer Responds To Colorism Debate.

Over the last week the tweets have been blowing up with comments on Keke Palmer's career comparing her to Zendaya. On social media there have been post of the two black females side by side in Vogue photoshoots and many other comments running down there careers. Fans for both ladies have been loving and supporting them both, but the question was bout up about colorism being a factor that has set the two ladies careers down different paths. Some have even said, Zendaya's career has much surpassed Keke's.

If you know Keke she is not here for the horseplay and loves to set a record straight. Keke is "Incomparable". Keke went on to tweet, " I've been a leading lady since I was 11 years old. I have over 100+ credits and currently starring in an original screenplay that's number one film at the box office #Nope." Keke went on to tweet she has had a blessed career thus far and couldn't ask God for more.

Zendaya has not chimed in to the Tweeter conversation as of yet on the comparison of her and Keke, but she has weighed in on the topic of colorism in the past.

Photo: Getty Images

Video: ENews Youtube

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