Is Love You Better By Future About Ciara?

Future and Ciara dated in 2013. The couple was engaged and Ciara gave birth to their son the following year. The engagement was called off within months. The reason being supposedly, Future was cheating on Ciara while she was pregnant with son, " Future." The split was a bit messy; leaving Ciara a single mother.

Ciara moved forward with life and married Russel Wilson in 2016. Russel stepped in and embraced loving Ciara and his new step-son "Future". At the time it seemed as if Future may have been in his feelings a bit about the way Ciara went public with how she moved on with her son and Russel being a hands on dad. It was also mentioned in interviews Future had an issue with the time frame his son was exposed to Russel early in Ciara's relationship. Now Future dose have other children from previous relationships that Ciara loved on during their relationship.

Fast forwarding years later Future releases new single " Love You Better". The visuals to the song dropped on Friday July 22. The album show a softer side of Future. Many are thinking the song is about his ex Ciara because it explores the emotions one goes through after a breakup. The leading female in the video resembles Ciara as well. There are scenes of Future in clown make up looking heartbroken. Maybe Ciara is "the girl that got away" for Future, but his music career is soring.

Future really doesn't need publicity stunts to hit high listenership numbers being his album I Never Liked You is doing well on the Billboard charts. All at the same time while his feature with Megan Thee Stallion Pressurelicious released and he was a headliner at Rolling Loud.

Photo: Getty Images

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